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The sources of the Nile remained a mystery for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians regarded the river as holy and as their lifeline. The British colonialist empire regarded finding the source of the Nile as crucial for their power over Africa. The first European seeing the waterfall where Lake Victoria falls into the White Nile at Ripon Jinja in Uganda, was the English explorer called John Speke in 1862.

The White Nile begins at Jinja, Uganda The White Nile begins at Jinja, Uganda. (Photo: Åke Bjørke)

There are several other sources of the White Nile, but Lake Victoria is probably the most spectacular.

Countries that are associated to the Lake Victoria catchment area are Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Tanzania and Kenya.  With growing populations, these countries all have increasing interests in exploiting these enormous water resources for themselves.

The White Nile is an impressive and powerful river. The waterfalls are spectacular. See a…

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